The third World Journalism Education Congress was held July 3-5, 2013 in Mechelen, Belgium

The third World Journalism Education Congress was held July 3-5, 2013 in Mechelen, Belgium just outside Brussels. The meeting was sponsored by the World Journalism Education Council, a consortium of 32 journalism education organizations around the world.

The theme of the congress was “Renewing Journalism Through Education.”

The host organizations were the European Journalism Training Association (EJTA) and the Flemish/Dutch Network of Journalism Institutes (VNOJ). WJEC3 followed highly successful congresses in Singapore (2007) and Grahamstown, South Africa (2010).

The third WJEC featured plenaries, panel sessions, paper competitions and small group syndicates.

These syndicate reports suggest how journalism educators worldwide can work more pro-actively to improve their training of future journalists and to help build a higher quality civic life. Each report concludes with five specific recommendations to get colleagues started.

Accountability and Transparency
Coping with Spin and Pressure
Data Journalism
Journalists on Global Issues
Reporting Europe
Empowerment through Information and Media Literacy
People and the News
Journalism in a Network Society
Citizen Journalism and Civic Journalism
Shifting Goals of Journalism Education
Role Perceptions and Professional Values
Quality Assurance in Journalism Education

“The WJEC and its hosts hope that the above syndicate reports inspire you to not only get into the innovator mindset, but to take action for the sake of journalism education and journalism itself”.
— Robyn S. Goodman, World Journalism Education Congress explores methods for renewing journalism through education, ASJMC Insights

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