China to host 2022 World Journalism Education Congress

The sixth World Journalism Education Congress will be held July 8-13 in China. Hosted by two well established universities in the field of journalism and communication, the Communication University of China and Shanghai International Studies University, t will address the overall theme of“Change and continuity: Journalism education in the digital era”.

The congress will include:

  • Pre-WJEC events in Beijing July 8
  • Three-day congress in Beijing July 9-11
  • Post-WJEC salon in Shanghai July 13 (travel by fast train on July 12)

The 6th WJEC programme will follow the format of all previous congresses offering a range of panel sessions, syndicates, paper presentations, workshops and students competition.

The post-WJEC seminar in Shanghai is optional and will be included in the registration fee.